It was dark, it was cold,

she was lost and alone,

with nothing but her needle and two miles away from home.

If only she had a friend to make her feel less feeble,

all she had were her drugs and her already used needle.

She said to herself,” It will all be pretty”,

when she stuck the needle in herself it would all be, really,

but the pain would crawl right back after the session

and stab her in the back just like every, other, person.

And then she wouldn’t be able to hold her tears from falling,

but she herself was falling,

she answered an urge to end all her suffering,

then time stopped and she heard the walls whispering,

weak, pathetic, poor thing, pathetic,

were they being blunt or apathetic,

It didn’t matter anyway, it was already too late,

matters like these were decided by fate.

She fell, pathetic.

She died, pathetic


   – Akuffohene


The World’s Slave

I am trapped in the plantations of slavery,
I who sits near the coasts of ivory,
And yet my mind was programmed to think it was free.
At what level could my stupidity be,
I who writes about elephants on a tree,
And yet I couldn’t even find out how much a slave they made of me.
I can’t say its their fault, I sold myself in, no one else did.
Now that I realize what I did was stupid,
I say…let the harmattan come, let the harmattan go,
Even if I have to trudge in snow,
As long as it takes, I’ll set myself free,
Until again, I can be me.


She held him to her breast with care.
He only glanced, he didn’t stare.
He was the youngest so he drank first
And left his twin to finish the rest.

His sore heart put him to slumber.
His aching head had made him sleep.
The blows he got were quite a number.
He lay in silence, his thoughts were deep.

I stand in the middle of the road telling those who come by,
“You may think you have it all but the devil is sly.
Earn a living by honest means
And for those with courage, pursue your dreams.”

His olden back still makes him cringe.
For his white hair, he’s known as wise.
The young don’t know which song he sings.
Profound words are his very cries.
It may sound silly but you will be surprised,
The beginning of foolishness is when wisdom will arise.



From this Thursday, 30th October to Friday, 31st October 2014, the Nelson Family will perform ‘Oku-dzɔn-dzɔ’, the very ancient practice of celebrating 40days of a person’s burial. This particular occasion will be in honour of three of the Nelson daughters who have recently ‘gone to the village’.

From 7am on the said Thursday to 7am on the said Friday, there will be non-stop cooking, feasting, drumming and dancing at my Grandfather, Christian Aruna Nelson’s residence:  House No. C.535/3 Asylum Down, on the main road to/from the Asylum Down Round-about.

I write to invite you to this ceremony.

Should you honour my invitation with your presence, I will in turn honour you by dancing for your pleasure, an ancient African dance called ‘agbe’.

If my dance should please you, you must show your pleasure by coming to me as I dance to press coins or small denominations of money onto my forehead.

My people are the ‘Tabon’ people…the Ghana-Brazilian Community of Accra.

My people returned to Africa from slavery in Bahia, Brazil by sea, led by the brave, freed-slave warrior who became known by the people as Nii Gandigi I.

My ancestors trace their roots far back into Niger…they were great cattle herders.

I…am the great, great, great grand-daughter of Nii Gandigi I…

I am the great, great, great grand-daughter of Nii Amugi I of the Ga people…

I am the great grand-daughter of Nii Azumah III of the Tabon people…

I am the grand-daughter of the late Prince, Christian Aruna Nelson…the first male seed of Nii Azumah III…

I am the great, great, great grand-daughter of the mighty Denkyira Asafo/Warrior, Togbe Brentua  who in search of a peaceful territory to call home towards the end of the Denkyira versus Ashanti wars, settled among the people of Mafi-Kumase in the Volta Region and became their ‘Gyasehene’ or King-maker…

…and for you…

…I will place my bare feet on the land that received me upon my birth…

…and I will dance…



Twitter: @OforiAkuffo

Twice In A Given

The lion roared,
The eagle screeched,
A heart is broken,
A heart relieved,
A man can’t sleep,
A man has rested,
A mind is free,
A mind indebted.
This may seem confusing, but here is the point,
While your soul is in sorrow, someone’s soul is happy,
When you laugh, someone cries,
And while you live, someone dies


Yesterday, I dreamt I was a basil…
Different from the rest of them,
Away from the noise and the bustle…
Away from the lions den.
Red ants tried to tear me down,
I almost fell, with a frown,
But the moment I wore a smile…
I was free, at least for a while,
The red ants, they tugged my stem
Drawing me closer to them.
They held my whole body captive too,
As I thought what would a real hero do…
I closed my eyes and even cried,
What did I do perhaps I lied,
Oh no, I said, I was out of the soil
My heart began to slow down, my leaves began to coil,
I forced my way out of the crowd,
To a distant place, where the noise was not loud,
I put my roots in the soil and stood up tall,
And said to my friends I will never fall…
Then I suddenly froze no one cared,
I was really afraid really scared.
Then all of a sudden I was in my room,
It was working day, or the day of doom,
But I didn’t care I wore a smile ☺,😌
And that smile… lasted more than a while.☺